Methodology Project Management

For any project to get successful, project management plays the most important role. BGSInfotech Project Management Approach moves in assuring successful implementation of projects to the clients keeping budget and timeline in mind.

BGSInfotech project management approach goes in parallel with project development methodology. It starts with Project Planning, Requirement Management, Risk Planning, Estimate Revision and Project Scheduling activity. All this is done in the Inception phase in parallel with requirement engineering and prototyping.

Once the inception phase is over, project management activity moves into Elaboration phase. This phase goes with number of activities Design Planning, Project Monitoring, Risk Management and Test Planning. Elaboration phase is followed by Construction phase with Project Monitoring, Change Management and Configuration Management activities.

In the final phase of Transition, the focus is on Release Management activities, where the product is made ready for release. All the deployment and support related issues are tackled as a plan at the start of the transition phase. If you like to learn more about BGSInfotech, please contact us


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