Methodology Project Confidentiality

Intellectual property protection

BGSInfotech protects the intellectual property rights of customers through a three-pronged approach:

  • Contractual Safeguards
  • Controls and Practices
  • Culture Building

Contractual Safeguards

BGSInfotech executes an NDA (Non- Disclosure Agreement) with the customer, whereby undertaking that all information received and deemed to be confidential will be maintained in confidence. BGSInfotech issues an explicit undertaking that it will not reverse engineer any of the customer's products.

BGSInfotech further executes similar NDAs with each of its employees who are involved in projects for the customer.

Customers can define a list of close competitors, and BGSInfotech undertakes that it will not initiate work with any of them in the same application area.

The customer and BGSInfotech shall mutually indemnify each other against breach of any third party IP in the course of conducting work under the proposed agreement.

The customer can ask BGSInfotech to be responsible for safe-keep of all equipment on loan to STPL, without creation of ownership in any form and without any encumbrances. It can further ask that such machines be labeled as its property and not be shifted from the intended facility to any other location without prior consent.

The customer can choose the country of jurisdiction for IP related issues.

Culture Building

BGSInfotech promotes an internal culture where every individual is aware of and respects the IP rights of customers. This is accomplished through:

An IP policy articulated by the top management that serves as bedrock for all subsequent policies and compliance mechanisms. Awareness programs that educate employees on IP issues.

Controls and Practices

Consistent with the policies outlined above, BGSInfotech has put in place a set of clearly defined controls and safeguards. Given below are the examples of such controls and practices:

Subject to agreed minimum levels of business, BGSInfotech can arrange for physically isolated and secure space for executing projects. BGSInfotech has instituted access control, visitor log/visitor badge and posting of security personnel in its development facilities. BGSInfotech has instituted a 'movement control' log for all equipment and media.

BGSInfotech has well-established processes for backup and other MIS safeguards. While the above serve as a few examples of the standard controls in place, BGSInfotech welcomes customers to suggest additional controls and practices, if any.


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