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Every change in a business process, caused by both internal and external demands, is usually reflected in the supporting software systems. Therefore, legacy applications are an ever-growing asset distributed all over the firm, where companies have been adding layer after layer to these systems while losing track of its size and value. Furthermore, due to personnel changes and poor documentation, the code base and functionality of many of these legacy software assets are often feebly understood. Reengineering of the legacy system is generally aimed to lessen the cost of the application maintenance or to get the systems updated and more efficient.

Our Legacy System Migration capability includes:

  • Legacy Application re-design/ re-transform/ re-engineer
  • Migration to multiple databases or database upgrade
  • Migration to web platforms
  • GUI Migration

Why BGSInfotech?

We have a staff of skilled employees who can understand your requirements and work accordingly. They can make a plan for your application migration/ reengineering that can provide you an improved application which is easy to adapt.

Advantages you would find from our Legacy System Reengineering Services:

  • Enhanced functionality of applications
  • Solutions for the existing limitations
  • Cost-effective system functionalities
  • Benefits of new technologies
  • Better user experience

Our approach on migration is unique and cost-efficient which can provide you most competent Legacy Migration and Software Migration Solutions. To get more information about our data/application migration strategy and plans, Please contact us at


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