Outsourcing Delivery Model

BGSInfotech delivers projects and solutions using a Global Delivery model that might involve using a combination of the various models described below. A Global Delivery model offers access to talent across the globe, scalability and flexibility (ramp-up and ramp-down) of project teams and cost optimization while not compromising on the quality of the deliverables. Onsite Model

The BGSInfotech team is based on-shore at the client location during the project life-cycle. This model is employed when the scope of the project is not defined very well, with frequent anticipated changes to the scope and the need for a high degree of interaction with users. Offshore Model

The offshore model involves having the BGSInfotech team working out of the offshore location in India. This model is effective in situations where there is a high degree of clarity on the requirements. This model is also typically deployed for maintenance and support activities. Hybrid Model

It is the combination of both onsite and offshore model. This is one of the most common models that is deployed and the various tasks are spread between the two locations


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