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Most of the time, business managers in organizations are so busy that they hardly get time to furnish the business processes and keep an eye on them. But Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) offers the information about the status and results of various operations, processes, and transactions. Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) provides real-time solutions to the organizations including interactive and automated event processing which improves the business functionality. BAM solutions identify problems and send alerts to the organizations, which help them resolve the problems before it turns critical. Whether it is sales, marketing, finance, manufacturing or service, Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) can help the organizations improve the functions in each and every department.

Business Activity Monitoring can be useful in various sectors like Banking, Telecom, Manufacturing, IT Operations and more. Though the process of Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) changes with each sector, the overall objective of BAM remains the same. Some of the BAM objectives for Business Process Management (BPM) include maximizing the current or planned BPM investment, end to end process monitoring, optimizing the processes, actionable alerts to improve the business performance, improving the infrastructure, etc.

Our Business Activity Monitoring services include:

  • Drill-down analysis for root-cause bottleneck discovery and process improvement
  • Personalized KPI Dashboards for process and business activity monitoring
  • Real time notifications for detecting process inefficiencies
  • Business metrics and KPIs for fine-grained
  • contextual performance monitoring
  • Benefits of Business Activity Monitoring:

  • Optimize operations to make sure that SLAs are being met
  • Increases operational productivity of the organization
  • Creating new opportunities for the organizations
  • Situation analysis through control techniques
  • Guidance at each and every step
  • Root cause analysis
  • Why BGSInfotech?

    BGSInfotech Solutions, a key figure in the software development industry, provides Business Activity Monitoring solutions to the organizations of various industry verticals. Measuring the key performance indicators, we help you avoid real-time information pitfalls and keep the business process effective. Some of the sectors for which we provide Business Activity Solutions include: high technology, software, automotive, financial services, and entertainment. We use industry-standard Microsoft SQL Server database system, multi-tiered client/server architecture, and effective alert delivery methods. Some of the key functionalities offered by BGSInfotech Solutions for Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) include: proactive alerts for Business exceptions and Key Performance Indicators (KPI), detailed reports for workflow status, automated process and real-time dashboards for monitoring business processes and services.

    So, if you are looking for BAM solutions to reduce the costs of your business operations and improve the efficiency of your organization, BGSInfotech Solutions is the answer to your problems. We offer sophisticated BAM solutions bolstered by mature tools for Business Activity Monitoring. Contact us now at to know more


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