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Enterprise resource planning systems or ERP systems integrate all departments and functions across a company onto a single computer system that can serve all departments' particular needs. ERP ensures seamless integration of all the information flowing through the company – financial, accounting, human resources, sales, manufacturing, distribution, project and inventory management, planning and maintenance, customer information and e-business. In addition business specific optimization modules can be integrated, analyzing the information flow as a whole and proposing effective optimization steps, leading to more efficient business and manufacturing process. It is generally a misleading perception that implementing an ERP system can improve organizations' functionalities overnight. The high expectation of achieving all-round cost savings and service improvements is very much dependent on how good the ERP system fits to the organizational functionalities and how well the tailoring and configuration process of the system matched with the business culture, strategy and structure of the organization. Therefore we always build a customer-specific ERP solution that is exactly suited to the business process and information flow within the customer's organization and the final solution always meets or even exceeds the client's expectations.


• facilitates company-wide integrated information systems, covering all functional areas

• performs core Corporate activities and increases customer service augmenting

Why Links?

• For Management – to know what is happening in the company

• One solution for better Management

• For cycle time reduction

• To achieve cost control & low working capital

• To marry latest technologies

• To shun the geographical gaps

• To satisfy the customers with high expectations

• To be Competitive & for survival


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